with Every Second in Mind™

A student in medical crisis…
A classroom argument escalates into violence…
An active shooter has entered your school…

How it Works

Integrated alert and communications system in the hands of vigilant teachers, staff, and administrators

Using a series of Hubs throughout campus, the SimulAlert™ system creates a virtual map of your campus and its buildings. Alert Badges issued to each staff communicates directly with each Hub on campus. With the press of a button, administration and first responders are alerted through a desktop Dashboard or Mobile Dashboard. The dashboard visually displays where on campus the alert was made, allowing for quick and decisive action within seconds.

In an active shooter event, teachers, and staff start an immediate lockdown and use the badge to indicate whether they are in immediate danger or under safe lockdown. The dashboard displays each classroom’s status, so first responders and administrators have real-time situational awareness.

SimulAlert™ Technology


Alert Badge – The SimulAlert™ Badge uses a color-coded system to specify the type of emergency staff is experiencing.

  • Red – Activates a school-wide alarm that prompts campus lockdown
  • Blue – Medical emergency that leads medical staff and paramedics to the exact location on campus where the health crisis is happening
  • Yellow – Prompts a discrete notification of administration to assist without drawing the attention of others in order to avoid escalating the situation.


A series of communication devices installed throughout campus, including classrooms and common gathering areas, communicate directly with badges. When a badge button is pressed, the closest Hub captures the alert and communicates the information to the Dashboard, providing the location and type of emergency to responders.

Desktop Dashboard

The Dashboard is the central information portal of the SimulAlert™ system. It provides a real time view of the safety status of the entre school. In an emergency, it provides a visual display of where staff need assistance.

Mobile Dashboard

Puts the utility of the Desktop Dashboard on a smartphone or tablet. Ideal for school resource officers, local police, fire personnel and other first responders to give them the same real-time situational awareness and access to information needed to make critical decisions.

Customer Testimonials

Our Story – About Us

Our founder Miriam Gitau, PhD, has more than two decades of experience in education. The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December 2012 prompted Dr. Gitau, to think seriously about the gaps that exist in schools today that hinder school-wide coordination and critical communication in times of such emergencies. The February 14, 2018, mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Florida, and other subsequent school mass shootings prompted her to act on her belief that schools need better systems to alert their staff during a crisis.

Shaken by these incidents, she struggled with how she would keep her students safe. As a parent, she struggled with the thought of her children not coming back from school because, like most schools, it was not protected or prepared. She set out to create a solution that solved critical gaps;
  • Emergency procedures that are heavily dependent on a single point of control
  • A low number of authority figures empowered to take decisive action
  • Staff with limited access to communication channels delay information from reaching those who need it most
The US patented SimulAlert™ system is a solution borne out of a teacher’s and parent’s desire to save lives using a technology solution designed to alert administration, teachers and students to act, With Every Second in Mind™.

Why SimulAlert™

Saving lives in a crisis requires quick, decisive action. When an intruder enters your school intent on harming students and staff, alerting the entire school to start lockdown measures within seconds saves precious lives.

SimulAlert™ is a state-of-the-art emergency alert system that puts an emergency notification in the hands of teachers and staff. Its patented communication platform provides administration officials and first responders real-time situational awareness, pinpointing where on campus the emergency is taking place and the ability to prioritize their response to help those in imminent danger.