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SimulAlert™ With Every Second in Mind! ™

Ensuring the safety of every member on the premises has always been an organizational concern. However, the recent rise in alarming situations at different institutions, especially schools, has made it more crucial for everyone to prepare for emergencies in advance.

Safety in Emergency has designed a high-performing, flexible communication system that helps you handle an emergency in the best way possible.

The Core Purpose of SimulAlert™

Keeps You Prepared for Every Emergency

Life-threatening situations involving active shooters, armed intruders, or fires result in panic and chaos with significant loss of lives and property. Now, you may already have a traditional alarm system installed in your institution, but it might not work effectively in certain emergencies.

For example, an alert broadcasted through speakers during an active shooting can alert the students and staff about what’s happening, but also aggravate shooters to cause more damage. Voice alerts also prove ineffective in emergencies that involve loud sounds, temporarily affecting the hearing of everyone around.

Moreover, an emergency communication system based on SMS might also not work effectively if the networks are overloaded or damaged. So, what can help you ensure safety amidst all the panic and chaos? The best answer to this question is SimulAlert™!

Our advanced emergency system enables rapid and discreet communication within your team to prevent and control damage in such situations. Your team members can alert others wherever they are on the premises!

How Can SimulAlert™ Keep Your Organization Safe?

By Combining the Power of Modern Devices & Advanced Software

SimulAlert™ is an integrated system of products like color-coded bracelets and badges that allow your team members to discreetly alert each other as soon as they observe an emergency, dashboards accessible through desktops and mobiles, and hubs that help you keep an eye on the whole premises to detect potential threats on time and keep track of a critical situation.

Most of the damage in an emergency occurs due to the delay in alerting the relevant people to take necessary actions. However, wearing our color-coded accessories allows your team to raise an alert with instant notifications and updates as soon as they think something’s wrong, no matter where they are.

We also understand that each organization is different in size, nature, and other factors. Hence, our experts can customize this system to fit the specific security needs of your firm.

Which Industries Can Benefit From SimulAlert™?

The benefits of using products by Safety in Emergency extend to a wide range of industries,
including education, hospitals, retail stores, and more.

Educational Institutions

The number of mass shootings in schools is increasing every year. Our system can help students and teachers better manage such terrifying situations.


Medical emergencies in hospitals are pervasive. SimulAlert™ can help doctors and nurses respond to those emergencies on time.

Malls and Retail Stores.

People can effectively evade fire, armed intruders, and other possible emergencies in malls and retail stores through SimulAlert™.

Embassies and Consulates

Our safety system secures confidential documents and critical data maintained by embassies and consulates.


Churches can also maintain the highest safety standards using SimulAlert™. The attendees and clergy members can enjoy peace of mind knowing everyone is safe at their place of worship.

Oil Refineries

Working with heavy machinery at oil refineries exposes workers and staff to numerous risks, resulting in emergencies. SimulAlert™ can help refineries speedily respond to such emergencies.

Explore Our Advanced Communication

System for Emergencies

Minutes can be turned into hours of unfortunate events in an emergency, which is why every second counts in such circumstances. With our automated emergency alert system, you can accelerate the process of safety and recovery. If you want to learn more about our products and emergency services, give us a call now!

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